Jason Elkins, Founder and Visionary of Thumbs Up Moving Labor, leading with expertise and dedication

Jason Elkins

President & Founder

Jason is passionate about business, family, and making the most out of this life. He grew up in the small town of Snohomish in Washington.

About Jason Elkins

In 2013, my brother Justin and I were looking for a new business opportunity that we could both excel at. We had many skills and a lot of drive to succeed at something we were passionate about. One day, I took my older brother Jesse's advice and bought an old Chevy truck. Jesse told me that if I had a pickup truck, I had a way to make money, and I ran with that idea. With my new truck, I started making money by hauling scrap metal and doing some demolition work.

As I saw my success grow, I realized I needed to expand my venture. I knew that there was a strong need to help people with their moves, so I started using my truck to move people. I looked into starting a moving company, and I quickly realized that the real need was for movers, not for trucks. U-haul, Penske, Budget, Upack, PODS, and a number of others provided plenty of transportation options. That's when I had a Eureka moment - I wanted to start a moving labor company and provide a much-needed service within an industry made up of mostly full-service companies. It was a turning point in my life and my career as an entrepreneur.

At first, I named my company Washington Moving Labor Services, but as I expanded the company beyond Washington, I realized I needed a new name. That's when I remembered the over 4,000 thumbs up photos we had collected from our past clients. It only made sense to change our name to Thumbs Up Moving Labor. Over the years, our company has evolved a lot, but we have always maintained our commitment to providing a quality and dependable experience to our clients as we grow nationwide.

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